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Bis phenyl ethyl ether

Used in the range of 0. 8268 ° c / 760 mmhg) foodb fdb010564. Find similar structures. Find listing of phenyl ethyl methyl ether, phenyl ethyl methyl ether manufacturers, suppliers, dealers & exporters from india. Ethyl phenyl ether has the same properties as some other ethers, such as volatility, explosive vapors, and the ability to form peroxide s. Ethyl phenyl ether or phenetole is an organic compound that is an ether. Chemical properties. Boiling point ( ˚ c/ mmhg° / 0. 67 estimate) = 6.

Compound bis( 2- phenoxyethyl) etherwith free spectra: 2 nmr, and 2 ftir. Ethyl phenyl ether has the same properties as some other ethers, such as volatility, explosive vapors, and the ability to form peroxides. May generate flammable and/ or toxic gases with alkali metals, nitrides, and other strong reducing agents. Permanent link for this species. Browse diphenyl ether and related products at milliporesigma.

Benzhydrol ether. 314 da; monoisotopic mass 226. Due care should be exercised while handling phenyl ethyl methyl ether and when there is contact in the eye rinse immediately with plenty of water for 10 minutes at least. Phenylethyl isoamyl ether [ methylbutoxy) ethyl] benzen e iso pentyl phenethyl ether 3- methyl butyl oxyethyl benzene isoamyl phenethyl ether. The product has an intensely diffusive floral note and is popularly known as ' keora'. Note: dmf can be substituted with dry dimethyl acetamide or dry acetonitrile. 95 / > purity/ analysis method: > 97. Get contact details and address| id:.

Other names: phenetole; ethoxybenzene; ethyl phenyl ether; phenyl ethyl ether; ether, ethyl phenyl- ; phenoxyethane; benzyl methyl ether permanent link for this species. 92 boiling pt, melting pt, vapor pressure estimations ( mpbpwin v1. Experimental logp: 1. Synonyms: diphenyl oxide, phenyl ether, diphenyl ether. Chemical formula: c9h12o. Bis ( 2- diphenylphosphinophenyl) ether. Molecular weight 170.

06% to 5% in perfume compounds. Benzene, 1, 1' - oxybis( ethyl- benzene, 1, 1' - oxybis[ ethyl. Spectrabase compound id: azpn2zt7kj2: inchi:. Product ( s) : ethyl phenethyl ether. What are the names of benzene and ethoxy ether? Bis( α- methylbenzyl) ether. Bis( ethylphenyl) ether. Read about company. Laboratory chemical safety summary ( lcss) datasheet. Cas: synonyms: bis[ 4, 4' - bis( diethylamino) benzhydryl] ether cas number: molecular formula: c42h58n4o molecular weight: 634. Bis- ( α- methylbenzyl.

It is also used in flavour grade or food grade material typically used 0. Ether, ethyl phenyl- molecular formula c 16 h 18 o; average mass 226. Bis ( phenoxymethyl) ether. Odour life 22 hours on a smelling strip. Linear formula c 6 h 5 p[ ch 2 ch 2 p( c 6 h 5) 2] 2. Commitment to quality: idukern f& f ingredients is your partner for the fragrance and flavor ingredients. Dtxsid5052389 [ 2- ( propan- 2- yloxy) ethyl] benzene. Get contact details & address of companies manufacturing and supplying phenyl ethyl methyl ether, 1- methoxy- 2- phenylethane across india. Use of the information, documents and data from the echa website is subject to the terms and conditions of this legal notice, and subject to other binding limitations provided for under applicable law, the information, documents and data made available on the echa website may be reproduced, distributed and/ or used, totally or in part, for non- commercial purposes provided that echa is.

2 molecular formula: c9h12o recommended usage: industrial manufacturing. Compound bis( alpha- methylbenzyl) etherwith free spectra: 13 nmr, 3 ftir, and 11 ms. Name matches: dmp bis ( 2- ( diphenylphosphino) phenyl) ether. Purity ( % ) 96%. The 3d structure may be viewed using java or javascript. Get phenyl ethyl methyl ether at best price from listed companies as per your buying requirements. More images for bis phenyl ethyl ether ».

May initiate the polymerization of isocyanates and epoxides. There is no restriction in the use of this product according to. Molecular weight 136. 2- phenylethyl isopropyl ether. What is the commercial name for phenethyl methyl ether? Jump to main content jump to site nav home. What is the molecular weight of phenyl ethyl methyl ether? Diphenyl ether and many of its properties were first reported as early as 1901. Diphenethyl ether. Molecular formula. Iupac standard inchikey: dlrjifuobpojns- uhfffaoysa- n.

Wash thoroughly with soap and water when there is skin contact and flush with plenty of water. Bis( diphenylmethyl) ether. Mithila rasayan pvt ltd - offering ethyl phenyl ether,, फे ने तो ले, phenetole in mulund west, mumbai, maharashtra. Substituent effects on the n. Log octanol- water partition coef ( src) : log kow ( kowwin v1.

Benzene, ethoxy-. Bis( 2- diphenylphosphinoethyl) phenylphosphine 97% synonym: phenylbis( diphenylphosphinoethyl) phosphine, triphos cas number. Dibenzhydryl ether. Suppliers: as per omo- 2- chlorobenzyl) phenyl ethyl ether/ c15h14brclo casshanghai kayi chemical co. How to detect phenethyl methyl ether, 2- formula: c9h12o | cas:. Product and company identification. Experimental boiling point: ° c food and agriculture organization of the united nations ( 2- methoxyethyl) benzene.

Ethylene glycol phenyl ether may react violently with strong oxidizing agents. Changes will be taking place on sigmaaldrich. Search results for phenyl ether at sigma- aldrich. First- aid measures if breathing is difficult, remove to fresh air and keep at rest in a position comfortable for breathing. Sigma- aldrich: analytical, biology, chemistry & materials.

0% ( hplc, t) < br / > form: crystal. After cooling to room temperature, the reaction mixture is diluted with ethyl acetate ( 3- 4 the volume of dmf) and the organic phase was extracted with 1 m naoh ( 3x), water, brine, and dried over mgso4 to give the phenyl ether prodcut. We fully understand the demands of the f& f industry and we endeavour to supply quality products, with ready availability and a personalised service. Journal of fluorine chemistry. Indukern f& f focuses in particular on the service it offers its clients in terms of quality, speed and direct consultancy with more than 1600 different products in stock ready for prompt shipment: aromachemicals, essential oils and natural isolates. 692 labnetwork ln00241774. Novel emission properties for the cu ( i) species. Transmission infrared ( ir) spectrum of phenyl ethyl ether with properties. Isopropyl- 2- phenyl ethyl ether. It will dissolve in less polar solvents such as ethanol or ether, but not in polar solvents such as water. 11e- 009 ( modified grain method.

Synonyms: 2- methoxyethylbenzene, 2- methoxyethylbenzene, chrysanthemum oxide, 2- phenyl ethyl methyl ether, kedwa ether, kewda ether, 1- methoxy- 2- phenyl ethane, 2- methoxyethyl benzene, ( 2- methoxyethyl) benzene, methyl 2- phenethyl ether, methyl phenethyl ether, methyl phenethyl oxide, methyl phenyl ethyl ether, pandanol. Specifications, safety data sheet, manufacturing process details, wholesale retail prices, uses etc available on these pages for phenyl ethyl methyl ether or phenethyl methyl ether. For breathing difficulties, oxygen may be necessary. Phenyl ethyl methyl ether ( peme) super ( 99% ) is an ether obtained by methylation reaction of phenyl ethyl alcohol. 25 ° c / 100 mmhg ( 83. Molecular weight: 122.

Pmid; inorganic chemistry jun; :. Benzhydryl ether. Bis[ ( 2- diphenylphosphino) phenyl] ether view entire compound with free spectra: 4 nmr, 2 ftir, and 1 raman. 18 ( mean or weighted mp) vp( mm hg, 25 deg c) : 3.

Relative odour impact 160. Use this link for bookmarking this species for future reference. Pubchem substance id. 26 ( adapted stein & brown method) melting pt ( deg c) : 174. 17o- nmr study of polyfluorinated alcohols and ethers. It is synthesized by a modification of the williamson ether synthesis, here the reaction of phenol and bromobenzene in the presence of base and a catalytic amount of copper : phona + phbr → phoph + nabr. Structure, properties, spectra, suppliers and links for: bis( 2- ( diphenylphosphino) ethyl) phenylphosphine, triphos,. Synthesis and structural characterization of cu ( i) and ni ( ii) complexes that contain the bis [ 2- ( diphenylphosphino) phenyl] ether ligand.

Find here phenyl ethyl methyl ether, 1- methoxy- 2- phenylethane manufacturers & oem manufacturers india. Molecular weight ( g/ mol) 286. Commercial name: phenethyl methyl ether; phenyl ethyl methyl ether cas number: einecs number: fema number: 3198 molecular weight: 136. Phenyl ethyl methyl ether is stable in most media.

2, molecular formula c9h12o; phenethyl methyl ether suppliers how big is your requirement or how small we serve it all. What to do if you get contact with phenyl ethyl methyl ether? Ethyl phenyl ether on reaction with excess hi yields Chemical name: ( 2- methoxyethyl) - benzene phenyl ethyl methyl ether. Spectra of carboxylic acid derivatives. Experimental physico- chemical properties. Phenyl ethyl methyl ether has green floral jasmine metallic fresh rose note. Other names: phenetole; ethoxybenzene; ethyl phenyl ether; phenyl ethyl ether; ether, ethyl phenyl- ; phenoxyethane; benzyl methyl ether. Since taytonn has been distributing key ingredients to the fragrance and flavor industry in asia. Molecular weight 534.

Download the identifier in a file. Involving similar reactions, diphenyl ether is a significant. Com on j that include visual and functional updates. 42) : boiling pt ( deg c) : 445. Predicted data is generated using the us environmental protection agency’ s episuite™. Density ( g/ ml).

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